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International Law for an Anthropocene Epoch? Shifting Perspectives in the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Genetic Resources Law

AnthropoceneThis project takes as its starting point a concern increasingly expressed in natural science in recent years, on the possible shift from the Holocene to a new epoch, the Anthropocene. Human-induced effects, it is held, might contribute decisively towards pushing the Earth System away from the Holocene, the latest geological epoch of 11,700 years characterised by environmental stability and, as such, a factor significant for the development of human civilisation.

In 2009, a working group was established within the International Commission on Stratigraphy in order to examine the stratigraphic basis for the term "Anthropocene" and to consider the justification for its possible formalisation as the most recent geological time unit. Formal recognition of the Anthropocene as a new geological unit in the history of the planet, supported by firm geological evidence could critically raise awareness and highlight the magnitude of human impact on the Earth System.

International law may be facing fundamental challenges, with the need emerging for pragmatic and feasible international law concepts, robust enough to tackle fundamentally new challenges. This project focuses on how key areas of international law researched at the FNI – the law of the sea, environmental law and genetic resources law – can respond to the challenges that are likely to occur as a result of a shift to the Anthropocene epoch.

Project leader: Davor Vidas

Project period: 2011-2015


Research articles

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Book chapters

Vidas, Davor, 'Oceans in the Anthropocene - and Rules of the Holocene'. In N. Möllers, C. Schwägerl and H. Trischler (eds), Welcome to the Anthropocene. Munich, Deutsches Museum Verlag, 2015, pp. 56-59.

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Conference presentations

Vidas, Davor, 'Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and International Law in the Anthropocene'. Presentation at the international conference Ocean Law and Policy: Twenty Years of Development Under the UNCLOS Regime, University of California Berkeley, Law of the Sea Institute and the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, held in Madrid, Spain, 18-21.09.2014.

Vidas, Davor 'The Anthropocene and International Law: Challenges of Sea-level Rise for the 21st Century'. Presentation at the international conference: Contingent Movements Symposium, Maldives Pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 29.09.2013.

Vidas, Davor, 'The Anthropocene - and International Law of the Holocene'. Presentation at the international conference: AGU Fall Meeting 2012, session on 'The Anthropocene: Confronting the Prospects of a +4 C World'. San Francisco, USA, 03-07.12.2012.

Davor Vidas, 'The Law of the Sea for an Anthropocene Epoch?'. Presentation at the international conference: Rule of Law for Nature: Basic Issues and New Development in Environmental Law, University of Oslo Faculty of Law, Oslo, 10.05.2012.

Davor Vidas, 'The Anthropocene and the law of the oceans'. Presentation at the conference The Anthropocene: A New Epoch of Geological Time?, The Geological Society, London, 11.05.2011.

Popular science and feature articles

Zalasiewicz, Jan, Colin N. Waters et al (incl. Davor Vidas), 'Disputed start dates for Anthropocene', Nature, Vol 520, 23.04.2015.

'Vi som beveger verda' ('We Who Move the World'), Forskerforum, No 3, 04.03.2013. In Norwegian.

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Zalasiewicz, Jan, Alejandro Cearreta, Paul Crutzen, Erle Ellis, Michael Ellis, Jacques Grinevald, John McNeill, Clément Poirier, Simon Price, Dan Richter, Mary Scholes, Will Steffen, Davor Vidas, Colin Waters, Mark Williams and Alexander P. Wolfe, 'Response to Autin and Holbrook on “Is the Anthropocene an issue of stratigraphy or pop culture?”', GSA Today, October 2012, pp. e21-e22.

Vidas, Davor (interview), 'Odvjetnik Plavog planeta' ('An Attorney of the Blue Planet'), More, No 190, February 2011. In Croatian.
 Related focal points of research:

   Law of the Sea and marine affairs
   Global environmental governance and law
   Biodiversity and genetic resources

Project funding:

   Research Council of Norway, JUSISP-2 Programme

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'Inventura mora za treci milenij' ('Inventory of the Sea for the Third Millennium'), TV-Profil, 21.01.2011. In Croatian.

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