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Stimulating Sustainable Innovation in Aquaculture

This project aims to explore the need for legislation to promote sustainable innovation in aquaculture.

Breeding companies, marine bioprospecting institutions and investors in genetic engineering need protection of their improved genetic material to assure revenues from innovation and investment. At the same time, fish farmers and breeding companies need access to marine genetic resources for food production and further breeding, development and sustainable use.

The project aims at identifying the specific problems and possible solutions for legal regulation of access to aquatic genetic resources and protection of the results of research and development of genetic resources in aquaculture: Access to and legal protection of salmon, cod and tilapia genetic resources.

More information and publications available at Nofima's project homepage.

Project leader: Kristin Rosendal

Project period: 2009-2013


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 Related focal points of research:

   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs

Project funding:

   Research Council of Norway (ELSA Programme)

 External cooperation partners:

   GENØK Centre for Biosafety
   WorldFish (CGIAR)

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 Media coverage:

'Patentkrig til topps' ('Patent War all the Way to the Supreme Court'), Forskningsetikk, 27.03.2012. In Norwegian.

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