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Environmental Labelling, Trade Rules, and Sustainable Management of Forest and Fisheries

Environmental labelling is on the rise and this project analyses sustainability-oriented certification and labelling schemes in two sectors - forestry and fisheries - to identify conditions for such schemes to affect actual management practices. Particular attention is paid to (1) ownership, i.e. how various schemes are initiated and operated by governmental, industrial, or civil society organisations; (2) substantive and procedural certification criteria; (3) transparency and involvement; and (4) how such schemes relate to international trade rules.

FNI project team:
Olav Schram Stokke (Project Leader)
Lars H. Gulbrandsen

Project period: 2003-2004


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 Related focal points of research:

   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs

Project funding:

   The Research Council of Norway

 External cooperation partners:

   University of Tromsø, Deptartment of Political Science
   Norut AS

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