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Norwegian Energy Technology Innovation and Diffusion in a Global Technology Market with International Commitments

In the coming years policies to promote technology innovation and diffusion will play a key role in reaching Norway's energy and environmental goals. Such policies will have to take into account Norway's international commitments as well as broader international processes. To facilitate evaluation of policy options it is necessary to specify the international framework's influence on Norwegian policy-making. This project has combined insights from the study of relevant international political processes with use of a systems engineering model. Particular attention has been given to EU policy and the implementation of current and emerging EU-directives, and how they may affect the future technology composition of the Norwegian energy system and management of niche markets for new energy technologies.

The project has been coordinated by the Institute for Energy Technology and is part of the Research Council of Norway's RENERGI programme.

FNI project leader: Arild Moe

Project period: 2005-2010


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 Related focal points of research:

   European energy and environmental politics

Project funding:

   The Research Council of Norway

 External cooperation partners:

   Institute for Energy Technology, Norway

Recent media coverage:

'Ny klimateknologi er ikke nok' ('New Climate Technology Is Not Enough'), Klima, No 2, 9 April 2008. In Norwegian.

'Bestem selv hvor energivennlig huset ditt er' ('Decide Yourself How Energy-Friendly Your House Is'), NTB, 16 November 2007. In Norwegian.

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