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The History of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission

The Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission was established in 1976 to manage cod, haddock and capelin in the Barents Sea. The Commission is also involved in other aspects of fisheries regulation, and since 1993 fishery control has become an important dimension of the bilateral management cooperation. In connection with the Commission's 30th anniversary, FNI Senior Research Fellow Geir Hønneland has been engaged to write an analytical history book of the Commission. The Norwegian version of the book was presented during the Commission's 30th session in November 2006.

Project leader: Geir Hønneland

Project period: 2005-2007


Hønneland, Geir, Bor'ba za kvoty i solidarnost' pribrezhnykh gosudarstv: 30-letnaya istoriya rossiysko-norvezhskogo sotrudnichestva v oblasti upravlenia rybolovstvom ('Quota Battle and Coastal State Solidarity: Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Management through 30 Years'). Murmansk, PINRO Press, 2007, 188 p. In Russian.

Hønneland, Geir, Kvotekamp og kyststatssolidaritet: Norsk-russisk fiskeriforvaltning gjennom 30 år ('Quota Battles and Coast State Solidarity: 30 Years of Norwegian-Russian Fishery Management'). Bergen, Fagbokforlaget, 2006, 152 p. In Norwegian.

Hønneland, Geir, 'Norway and Russia in the Barents Sea: Cooperation and Conflict in Fisheries Management'. Russian Analytical Digest, No 20, 2007, pp. 9-11.

Hønneland, Geir, 'Framtiden for fisken i Barentshavet: Norsk-russisk politikk i kulissene' ('The Future of the Barents Sea Fish: Norwegian-Russian Politics Behind the Scenes') (web radio), NRK P2-akademiet, 3 May 2007. In Norwegian.

 Related focal points of research:

   Arctic and Russian politics
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs

Project funding:

   Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

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Recent media coverage:

'Otolitter, kannibalisme og samarbeid' ('Otolithes, cannibalism and cooperation'), Adresseavisen, 19 August 2007. In Norwegian.

'Kvotekamp og kystsolidaritet' ('Quota Battles and Coast State Solidarity'), Bokavisen, 15 November 2006. In Norwegian.

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