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Managing Protected Areas in a Time of Internationalization

This project:

1) addresses decentralized management regimes for Norwegian national parks and protected landscapes in order to identify preconditions for ensuring an appropriate balance between local and international interests. Our focus is on protected areas that are of particular relevance to mountainous areas and landscape protection. Comparative studies of Norway-Canada and Norway-Sweden are being carried out as part of the project.

2) focuses on new measures introduced by the Norwegian Nature Diversity Act, in particular chapter II on general principles for sustainable use, §§ 23-25 on priority species, § 40 on international status for protected areas, chapter VI on selected habitat types and § 62 on delegation of authority under the Act, as well as the increased focus on management plans and plans for management measures.

3) looks at challenges regarding domestic implementation of international obligations related to establishment of networks of protected areas, and thus contribute to development of international policy to preserve biodiversity.

Project leader: Ole Kristian Fauchald

Project period: 2011-2016


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 Related focal points of research:

   Biodiversity and genetic resources

Project funding:

   Research Council of Norway, Environment2015 Programme

 External cooperation partners:

   Carleton University (Canada)
   Umeå University (Sweden)


Polhøgdaseminar om verneområder
FNI, 28.11.2014

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