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Russian and Caspian Energy Developments and Their Implications for Norway and Norwegian Actors (RUSSCASP)

RUSSCASPThis research programme will expand the understanding of the long-term outlook for three issue clusters of strategic relevance for Norway:
1. Russia and the Caspian region as arenas for foreign energy companies.
2. Driving forces and conditions for Russian and Caspian energy exports.
3. Energy developments in the High North.

These issues will be revisited repeatedly throughout the programme. But to understand and forecast developments in these issues we need to address more fundamental tendencies. In our previous research, we have identified three recurrent energy themes in Russian and Caspian politics:
1. Control of the oil and gas industries and revenue streams.
2. Concern for the energy balance.
3. The link between energy and foreign policy.

These concerns, the way they will be addressed by Russia and the Caspian states, and the factors and driving forces that will influence their relative focus and interpretation, are at the centre of this programme.

The project is organized as a consortium with FNI, NUPI and Econ Pöyry as main partners.


Project leader: Arild Moe

Project period: 2008-2013


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Many more publications on the RUSSCASP Website
 Related focal points of research:

   Arctic and Russian politics
   European energy and environmental politics

Project funding:

   Research Council of Norway (PETROSAM program)

 Main external cooperation partners:

   Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
   Econ Pöyry

Recent media coverage:

'Fedynskyhøyden: Her kan Norge måtte dele gassen med Russland' ('The Fedynsky High: This Is Where Norway May Have to Share Gas with Russia'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 13.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Granitsa v Barentsevom more: zhazhda nefti ni pri chyom' ('The Barents Sea Border Has Nothing to Do with Oil Thirst'), Neft' Rossii, 13.08.2013. In Russian.

'Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty', BarentsObserver, 12.08.2013.

'Spiller stormaktene mot hverandre' ('Plays Great Powers out Against Each Other'), Aftenposten, 08.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Proverka forumom' ('Test Forum'),, 04.06.2012. In Russian.

'Amnesty criticises Statoil over Rosneft deal', Aftenbladet, 14.05.2012.

'Statoil får Rosneft-kritikk' ('Statoil Criticized over Rosneft Deal'), Aftenbladet, 14.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Ekspert udivlen tem chto Fedinskoye i Tsentral'no-Berentsevskoye mestorozhdeniya poluchila "ENI", a ne "Statoil"' ('Expert surprised that ENI and not Statoil got Fedinskoye and Central-Barents fields'),, 11.05.2012. In Russian.

'Questions Rise over Big Oil Deal', Views and News from Norway, 09.05.2012.

'- Statoil får de minst attraktive delene' ('- Statoil Gets the Least Attractive Parts'), Dagens Næringsliv, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'Statoils gigantavtale med Rosneft: - Ugunstige og risikable forhold' ('Statoil's Giant Agreement with Rosneft: - Unfavourable and Risky Conditions'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 08.05.2012. In Norwegian.

'- Det er gigantiske leteområder med et gigantisk potensial' ('- Gigantic Acreage with a Gigantic Potential'), E24, 07.05.2012. In Norwegian.

Arild Moe: 'Én måned til Shtokman-deadline' ('One Month until Shtokman Deadline'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 09.11.2011. In Norwegian.

'Lukoil eyes ex-disputed area', BarentsNova, 20.09.2011.

'Statoils risikojeger' (Statoil's Risk Hunter'), Budstikka, 07.09.2011. In Norwegian.

'Ingen Barents-aktivitet før 2013' ('No Barents Activity until 2013'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 15.06.2011. In Norwegian.

'Bez ostanovki' ('Without Stop'),, 18.04.2011. In Russian.

'V tovarischakh soglase est' ('Agreement among comrades'),, 18.04.2011. In Russian.

'- Statoil vil slite med å tjene penger på Stockman' ('- Statoil Will Have a Hard Time Earning Money on Shtokman'), E24, 03.04.2011. In Norwegian.

'Avviser nok en Shtokman-utsettelse' ('Statoil Denies another Shtokman Postponement'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 22.02.2011. In Norwegian.

'Der 9-Billionen-Dollar-Schatz unter dem Eis' ('The 9-Billion Dollar Treasure Under the Ice'), Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung, 20.01.2011. In German.

'Russians want access to Norwegian oil', Barents Observer, 04.01.2011.

'Russerne vil inn i norsk olje' ('The Russians Want to Participate in Norwegian Petroleum Production'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 03.01.2011. In Norwegian.

'Vil sikre Europa eigen gass' ('Will Provide Europe with Its Own Gas'),, 14.10.2010. In Norwegian.

'Missiya vipolnima' ('Mission Possible'),, 06.09.2010. In Russian.

'LNG på Shtokman forblir en drøm' ('Shtokman LNG Remains a Dream'), Dagens Næringsliv, 09.08.2010. In Norwegian.

'Energiforsker: Tøffere for Russlands naboer' ('Energy Researcher: Tougher Times Ahead for Russia's Neighbours'), Research Council of Norway News, 23.06.2010. In Norwegian.

'Olje kan ha skapt enighet' ('Oil May Have Led to Agreement'), Dagsavisen, 28.04.2010. In Norwegian.

'Tror på utbygging om 15 år' ('Believes in Petroleum Development in 15 Years'), Finnmark Dagblad, 27.04.2010. In Norwegian.

'Åpner for mulig olje-bonanza' ('Will Open up for a Possible Oil Bonanza'), Dagens Næringsliv, 27.04.2010. In Norwegian.

'- Er trolig enorme gassressurser der' ('- The Areas Probably Contain Vast Gas Resources'), Dagbladet, 27.04.2010. In Norwegian.

'Europa trenger gass fra Sibir' ('Europe Needs Siberian Gas'),, 29.03.2010. In Norwegian.

'Svart gull i aust' ('Black Gold in the East'), Research Council of Norway News, 11.01.2010. In Norwegian.

'Neppe stor fart på russisk sokkel' ('Russian Shelf Probably Not to Be Developed Quickly'), NTB, 16 August 2009. In Norwegian.

'Lærer av Telenors Russland-mareritt' ('Learning from Telenor's Russia Nightmare'), Dagsavisen, 22 July 2009. In Norwegian.

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'- Risky to Invest in Russia', Barents Observer, 26 August 2008.

'StatoilHydro-interesse for Jamal' ('StatoilHydro Interested in Yamal'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 20 August 2008. In Norwegian.

'Gir Gazprom og Rosneft enerett' ('Russia Gives Gazprom and Rosneft Exclusive Rights to Offshore Resources'), Dagens Næringsliv, 17 April 2008. In Norwegian.

'Avdramatiserer om Shtokman' ('Playing down Shtokman Investment Worries'), Økonomisk Rapport, 4 April 2008. In Norwegian

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