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How to Understand Russian Foreign Policy in the High North: Perceptions, Rhetoric, Room for Manoeuvre

This project reviews the room for rhetoric manoeuvre among Russian foreign policy actors in the High North. Focus is on political statements directed at Norway, mainly related to security issues.

Can such statements be explained by the administrative and political structure of the Russian Federation, with various bodies of governance or individual actors positioning themselves against competing structures? Or by financial groups along or transversing bureaucratic structures? Further, we look for patterns across different functional fields, with a particular eye to situations where the security context is activated. When is reference made to Norway as a member of NATO, for instance? Overall, we ask when there is flesh on the bone in Russian political rhetoric directed at Norway, and when foreign policy statements are primarily meant for a Russian audience.

Project leader: Geir Hønneland

Project period: 2011-2015


Hønneland, Geir, Russia and the Arctic: Environment, Identity and Foreign Policy. London, I.B. Tauris, 2016, 288 p.
 Related focal points of research:

   Arctic and Russian politics

Project funding:

   Norwegian Ministry of Defence

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