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Drivers of Change in Circumpolar Tundra Ecosystems (TUNDRA)

The main elements of the TUNDRA project are the following:
   Crossdisciplinary analyses aimed to identify drivers of change in circumpolar tundra ecosystems.
   Understanding how governance and socio-economic conditions are drivers of ecosystems states and services.
   Devise spatial approaches to draw statistical inferences of the relationships between drivers, ecosystem changes and services on multiple spatial scales and in diverse contexts.
   Crossdisciplinary design based on governance-based contrasts in anthropogenic drivers that link ecology and social sciences.
   Impacts of land use, pollution and resource exploitation on circumpolar tundra ecosystems.
   Comparative analyses between Norway, Canada, USA and Russia.

The project is led by the University of Tromsø, with FNI responsible for providing legal advice during the design of various parts of the project and legal assessments on the basis of data generated by and analyses carried out within the project.

> More information on the TUNDRA website

Project leader at FNI: Ole Kristian Fauchald

Project period: 2010-2013


Fauchald, Ole Kristian, 'Regulating Environmental Impacts of Mining in Norway'. Nordic Environmental Law Journal, No 1, 2014, pp 53-65.
 Related focal points of research:

   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Arctic and Russian politics

Project funding:

   Research Council of Norway, Environment2015 Programme

 External cooperation partners:

   University of Tromsø

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