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Commentary articles and other popularized publications (selected)

This page lists commentary articles ('kronikker'), letters to the editor, major authorized interviews and other popularized publications in which FNI researchers express opinions based on their research and professional experience. The opinions expressed are those of the individual researcher(s) and not necessarily the opinion of the Fridtjof Nansen Institute as such.

As for smaller interviews and other media coverage of FNI and Polhøgda, please see the FNI in the media page.

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Vidas, Davor, 'Medjunarodno pravo je crta ispod koje se ne ide' ('International Law is the Bottom Line'), Fokus, 13 February 2009. In Croatian.

Vidas, Davor, 'Odgovornost za granice' ('Responsibility for the Borders'), Glas Koncila, 1 February 2009. In Croatian.

Vidas, Davor, 'Granicni spor ne treba rjesavati improvizacijama' ('Delimitation dispute should not be solved by improvisations'), Index, 29 January 2009. In Croatian.

Rottem, Svein Vigeland, 'Makt i nord' ('Force in the North'), Nordlys, 27 January 2009. In Norwegian.
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