Geir Hønneland
Coercive and Discursive Compliance Mechanisms in the Management of Natural resources. 
A Case Study from the Barents Sea Fisheries
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000. 185 p.

This book adresses the cross-perspective social science debate on the management of common-pool resources. In the management of such resources, regulation efforts bring little gain if established rules are not complied with by the users. The book discusses how public authorities can influence the decision-making of users in this respect by various coercive and discursive measures. Hence, it adresses a much-neglected topic in both the theoretical and practical debate on the management of natural resources.
   In the care study - the Barents Sea fisheries - violation statistics from the Norwegian Coast Guard are studied for level of compliance. A group of Norwegian and Russian fishermen, as well as representatives of Norwegian fishermen's associations, have been consulted through personal in-depth interviews aimed at revealing their attitudes to the regulations as well as to management and enforcement systems.