Vårt bilde av russerne
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Hønneland, Geir
and Anne-Kristin Jørgensen
Vårt bilde av russerne. 25 debattinnlegg om samarbeidet i nord (How We View the Russians. 25 Contributions to the Debate about Cooperation in the North)
Kristiansand, Høyskoleforlaget, 2002, 120 p. (In Norwegian)
During the 1990s, the Russians to an increasing extent made their inroad into Norwegian everyday life. This book discusses a number of questions related to how the Norwegians have responded to this new openness from the East, what kind of stereotypes have been created, and what behavioural patterns are found in the Norwegians' relations to the Russians.
   The book provides facts in a popularised and comprehensible manner, the authors' views on particular events and cooperative arrangements between Norway and Russia, and their reflections on everyday problems with political implications.