Order for the Oceans
Vidas, Davor and Willy Østreng (eds.)
Order for the Oceans at the Turn of the Century.
Kluwer Law International, 1999. 577 p.

This book is a state-of-the-art report on ocean law and politics today, written by 40 contributors from six countries. At this important early stage of the implementation of the Law of the Sea Convention, the authors assess where we have been going in the past decade and chart the way ahead. Implementation of the Convention - from the perspective of interaction of politics and law - is the unifying theme of the book. Under this, three basic aspects have merged as crucial: the evolution of new regimes, institutionalisation, and new patterns of participation. These aspects are explored systematically in sections on 
* the Convention, its implementing agreements and related international institutions
* interaction of law of the sea with other regimes, including those of the polar regions,
* the various levels (international, national and transnational) and actors involved in the implementation of the Convention, and
* a number of salients issues in implementation today.