North Sea Cooperation
Jon Birger Skjærseth
North Sea cooperation
Linking international and domestic pollution control
Manchester University Press, May 2000. 320 p. £45.00.

This book is the first to systematically examine the link between national and international environmental institutions. It presents a detailed study of how environmental institutions have affected the establishment of joint commitments in North Sea cooperation, as well as domestic policy, in three countries which are parties to the North Sea cooperation: Norway, the Netherlands and the UK. The Northeast Atlantic conventions, with the North Sea as a naturally focused area, are a significant link in Europe's marine environmental regulation, and this is the first authoritative account of their development and implementation.
   The author's theoretical argument is also extremely relevant to current discussions on climate policy, by showing and discussing different ways in which governments get committed, or at least have to stick to their promises under the treaties.
   The book is published as part of the Manchester University Press' "Issues in Environmental Politics" series.