Governing High Seas Fisheries
Stokke, Olav Schram (ed.)
Governing High Seas Fisheries - The Interplay of Global and Regional Regimes.
Oxford University Press, May 2001. 365 p. ISBN 0-19-829949-4. Hardcover, £65.

The legal and political difficulties of managing fish stocks that straddle from national waters into the high seas were not abolished by the introduction of exclusive economic zones. In this book, leading scholars of international law and international relations explain the wave of regional disputes that arose in the 1990s over these "straddling" fish stocks. The focus rests on whether and how evolving regimes, including that based in the UN Fish Stocks Agreement, meet the scientific, regulatory, and compliance-related goals of effective management - and the significance of regime interplay in this regard. Developments in international fisheries law crucial to effective management of high seas fisheries, are examined.

The book will be of interest to scholars and students of international law with particular interest in international resource management in both legal and international relations camps.