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RUSSCASP is a 5-year (2008-2012) research programme aimed at producing knowledge on Russian and Caspian energy developments of relevance to decision-makers and society at large.

The programme is funded by the Research Council of Norway's PETROSAM Programme, and is executed by a consortium consisting of three Norway-based research institutions with long experience in research on Russia and energy sector:

Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI)Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) is an independent institution engaged in research on international environmental, energy and resource management politics. The Institute maintains a multi-disciplinary approach, with main emphasis on political science, economics and international law. Research on Russia is carried out by a group of researchers who all speak Russian and are trained in social science. Studies of the Soviet and Russian petroleum sector have been carried out since the mid 1980s, focussing on the driving forces for energy exports, the (re)organization of the industries, as well as developments in the Barents Sea.

The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) was established by the Norwegian Parliament in 1959 to contribute to greater awareness and insight concerning international issues through research and the dissemination of information. The research agenda includes international politics, international economy, and developmental studies. In 1995, on the initiative of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence, the Centre for Russian Studies was established as a focal point for Norwegian research on Russian and post-Soviet affairs. The other research entity at NUPI taking part in the consortium, the Energy Programme, was established in 2006. The staff at both the centre and the programme is Russian-speaking, and have a multi-disciplinary approach to Russian and post-Soviet studies (including political science, anthropology, human geography and area studies).

Econ PöyryEcon Pöyry is a Nordic research institute and consulting company, working primarily at the crossroads between markets, policies and technology. Econ Pöyry is the new name of ECON after the company joined forces with the energy arm of the global company Pöyry in September 2007. Econ Pöyry provides research, analysis and consulting services across a wide spectrum of topics and issues, most notably energy-related questions. Econ Pöyry's staff consists of more than 80 professionals with experience from research institutions, central and local government, international companies, as well as national and international organizations. Econ Pöyry's Russia team employs five researchers, all fluent Russian speakers with social science training.

In addition, the following researchers and institutions contribute to the programme:
  Pavel Baev, PRIO (Norway)
  Bodø Graduate School of Business (Norway)
  Moscow Higher School of Economics (Russia)
  Statistics Norway (Norway)
  New England Complex Systems Institute (USA)
  Maral Meredova, independent analyst (Turkmenistan)

Research results are published in journals and books or on this web site – see the publications section.

For further details about the contents and organization of RUSSCASP, see the presentation in 'RUSSCASP's Main Issues' (PDF).

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