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The Strategic Forum is the main forum for interaction between RUSSCASP researchers and RUSSCASP's user group. Workshops are organized 3-4 times per year, focusing on a topic of immediate relevance and concern, within RUSSCASP's overall scope. Participation is restricted to project participants (researchers, users and sponsor).

The following workshops have so far been organized:

New Thrust or Dead End? Conditions for Oil Companies in Russia
Oslo, 13 November 2013

Strategic Forum Workshop 10:
Outlook for Reform in the Russian Gas Sector
Lysaker (Oslo), 2 March 2012

Strategic Forum Workshop 9:
Rosneft’s Deals: Will the offshore surge bring opportunity for foreign oil companies or will development remain trapped in fiscal limbo?
Lysaker (Oslo), 7 November 2011 (access restricted)

Strategic Forum Workshop 8:
Discussion of statements from RAO-CIS; Presentation of report on New Deals for Foreign Involvement in Russian Offshore E&P
St. Petersburg, 14 September 2011

Strategic Forum Workshop 7:
Russian Interests, Options and Intentions for the Previously Disputed Area and Beyond
Lysaker (Oslo), 28 September 2010

Strategic Forum Workshop 6:
The Caspian Energy Province Is Resource Nationalism On the Rise?
Oslo, 11 March 2010

Strategic Forum Workshop 5:
Russian and CIS Gas Supplies: What Is New and Can We Draw Up a Complete Picture?
Lysaker (Oslo), 21 October 2009

Strategic Forum Workshop 4:
The Financial crisis and Russian petroleum developments – the High North, Shtokman and Russian gas strategy
Oslo, 4 February 2009

Strategic Forum Workshop 3:
An update on Azerbaijan and Georgia: War, Elections and Energy
Oslo, 21 November 2008

Strategic Forum Workshop 2:
Role of the State in Management of Petroleum Resources and Revenue: Russian and Norwegian Approaches and Experiences
Moscow, 23 September 2008

Strategic Forum Workshop 1:
The Medvedev Administration's First Beginnings: What Are the Signs so Far?
Oslo, 4 June 2008


Open conference (in cooperation with St. Petersburg State Mining University):
Oil and Gas Resources of the Arctic: Strategies of Development and Cooperation
St. Petersburg, 12 September 2011

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