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Russian and Caspian Energy Developments (RUSSCASP)

RUSSCASP is a publicly funded research program aimed at producing knowledge on long-term Russian and Caspian oil & gas developments.

RUSSCASP focuses on three strategically important issue clusters:
   Russia and the Caspian region as arenas for foreign energy companies.
  Driving forces and conditions for Russian and Caspian energy exports.
  Energy developments in the Russian high north.

RUSSCASP is executed by a consortium consisting of three Norway-based research institutions, and most of the results produced within the programme are made available to the public on this website.

Read more about RUSSCASP's research and publications on:
   Oil and gas developments in Russia
  Oil and gas developments in the Caspian region

Latest news & publications

(18.12.2013) New book edited by Jakub M. Godzimirski:
Russian Energy in a Changing World: What is the Outlook for the Hydrocarbons Superpower?

(13.11.2013) Seminar:
New Thrust or Dead End? Conditions for Oil Companies in Russia

(12.07.2013) Two new book chapters:
The Russian Oil Sector and
The Russian Gas Sector
By Valeriy Kryukov and Arild Moe, in Michael Alexeev and Shlomo Weber (eds), The Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy. New York, Oxford University Press, 2013.

(15.05.2013) New book chapter:
The Likelihood and Potential Implications of a Natural Gas Cartel
By Steven A. Gabriel, Arild Moe, Knut Einar Rosendahl and Marina Tsygankova, in Roger Fouquet (ed.), Handbook on Energy and Climate Change

(30.04.2013) Special section on the Arctic in EKO, including:

 Dvadtsat' let osvoeniya, a nefti do sikh por net - Prirazlomnoe, pervyj muchitel'ny arkticheskiy shelfovyj proekt Rossii
('Twenty years of development and still no oil: Prirazlomnoe - Russia's troublesome first Arctic offshore project')
by Daniel Fjærtoft and Lars Lunden

 Neftegazovye problemy vo vneshney politike Rossii
('Oil and Gas Problems in Russia's Foreign Policy')
by Pavel Baev

 Brief introduction to RussCasp
by Arild Moe

(02.04.2013) New article:
Oil dependency of the Russian economy: An econometric analysis
by Andreas Benedictow, Daniel Fjærtoft and Ole Løfsnæs
in Economic Modelling

(04.01.2013) New report:
Twenty years of development and still no oil: Prirazlomnoe - Russia’s troublesome first Arctic offshore project
by Lars Petter Lunden and Daniel Fjærtoft

(02.10.2012) New report:
China, Russia and Central Asia: The energy dilemma
by Henrik Bergsager

(30.08.2012) New book chapter:
Slippery slopes: pitfalls for the rulers of resource-rich states
by Indra Øverland, in Heinrich & Pleines (eds): Challenges of the Caspian Resource Boom: Domestic Elites and Policy-Making

(29.08.2012) New article:
Reducing gas flaring in Russia: Gloomy outlook in times of economic insecurity
by Julia S.P. Loe and Olga Ladehaug in Energy Policy

(13.08.2012) New report:
Energy Elites in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
by Kristin Fjæstad and Indra Øverland

In the media:

Henrik Bergsager: 'Spiller stormaktene mot hverandre' ('Plays Great Powers out Against Each Other'), Aftenposten, 08.12.2012. In Norwegian.

Jakub M. Godzimirski: '- Statoil har vært naive' ('- Statoil has been Naive'), E24, 13.08.2012. In Norwegian.

Arild Moe: 'Proverka forumom' ('Test Forum'),, 04.06.2012. In Russian.

Arild Moe: 'Amnesty criticises Statoil over Rosneft deal', Aftenbladet, 14.05.2012.

Arild Moe: 'Ekspert udivlen tem chto Fedinskoye i Tsentral'no-Berentsevskoye mestorozhdeniya poluchila "ENI", a ne "Statoil"' ('Expert surprised that ENI and not Statoil got Fedinskoye and Central-Barents fields'),, 11.05.2012. In Russian.

Arild Moe: 'Questions Rise over Big Oil Deal', Views and News from Norway, 09.05.2012.

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