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RUSSCASP aims at producing relevant knowledge on Russian and Caspian oil and gas developments. Read more about the research and publications on:
   Oil and gas developments in Russia
  Oil and gas developments in the Caspian region

RUSSCASP is to expand our understanding of the long-term outlook for three strategically important issue clusters :
   Russia and the Caspian region as arenas for foreign energy companies.
  Driving forces and conditions for Russian and Caspian energy exports.
  Energy developments in the Russian high north.

To understand and forecast developments in these issues, more fundamental tendencies are also addressed. Previous research has identified three recurrent energy themes in Russian and Caspian politics:
   Control of the oil and gas industries and revenue streams.
  Concern for the energy balance.
  The link between energy and foreign policy.

These concerns, the way they will be addressed by Russia and the Caspian states, and the factors and driving forces that will influence their relative focus and interpretation are at the centre of RUSSCASP.

The research is mainly aimed at understanding long-term developments, but in order to do so it is also important to improve the reading of short-term signs. Causal relationships will be specified where possible, and it will be attempted to identify overall emerging patterns and paradoxes where complexity is high. RUSSCASP deals with understanding both the relevant reforms and the actors and driving forces behind them. For the direct users of this research, the natural interest is to have informed opinions about what may happen next. Sound research must, however, rest on analysis of what has happened earlier. This research programme has been designed to cater to both needs.

The research is divided into seven work packages:
   WP1: Russian upstream management
  WP2: Actors and structures
  WP3: Russian energy policy reform and public consent
  WP4: Russian macroeconomic development
  WP5: Geopolitics and strategic export infrastructure
  WP6: Caspian regimes and business climate
  WP7: Knowledge integration

> More details about RUSSCASP research in 'RUSSCASP's Main Issues' (PDF)

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