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Law of the Sea and marine affairs

Marine affairs and LawFNI has a long tradition of research on the Law of the Sea and marine affairs. A key concern today is the competing uses of marine spaces and the role of international and national regulation, especially maritime jurisdiction, in securing sustainable development of marine areas and resources.

In this wider context, the focus of FNI's study is two-fold, related to two major marine activities: Navigation and fishing. Regarding navigation, FNI's current projects analyse marine pollution and ballast water issues as well as maritime safety and environmental protection instruments prompted by the development and changing patterns of maritime transport, including those related to maritime oil export routes in Eurasia. As to the other marine activity, fishing, FNI's projects study international management of fisheries (including whaling), especially jurisdictional, environmental and international trade issues related to illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

FNI's special regional competence includes the Barents Sea, the Norwegian and North Sea area and the Southern Ocean, as well as the Mediterranean and, in particular, the Adriatic Sea issues.

Selected ongoing projects:
 Fundamental Challenges for the Law of the Sea
 International Law for an Anthropocene Epoch? Shifting Perspectives in the Law of the Sea, Environmental Law and Genetic Resources Law.
 Marine Bioprospecting and Law.
 The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.
 Post-Agreement Bargaining in the Barents Sea Fisheries: Strategies for Coping with Overfishing.
 Geopolitics in the High North: Climate Change, Energy Development, and Environmental Protection.
 Stimulating Sustainable Innovation in Aquaculture.

Selected past projects:
 Marine Environment Protection and Resource Management: The Changing Legal and Policy Framework for the Adriatic Sea 2006-2011).
 International Governance and Fisheries Management – Determining and Explaining the Effectiveness of International Regimes (2002-2009).
 Regional Cooperation and Marine Pollution in the Adriatic Sea: Developing Effective Measures against Ship-Based Pollution (2007-2009).
 The World Ocean in Globalization: Challenges for Marine Regions (conference) (2008).
 Arctic Shipping Guidelines: From Voluntary to Mandatory Tool for Environmental Protection and Navigation Safety? (2006-2007).
 Parallel Norwegian-Russian Audit Regarding the Management of the Fish Resources of the Barents Sea (2006-2007).
 The history of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission (2005-2007).
 Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing: Implementing Mechanisms for Jurisdiction, Control and Enforcement (2002-2006).

Steinar Andresen (Research Professor)
Ole Kristian Fauchald (Research Professor)
Geir Hønneland (Research Professor)
Øystein Jensen (Senior Research Fellow)
Anne-Kristin Jørgensen (Research Fellow)
Olav Schram Stokke (Research Professor)
Morten Walløe Tvedt (Senior Research Fellow)
Davor Vidas (Research Professor) – contact person

Selected FNI publications, Law of the Sea and marine affairs:

> Books
> Articles and reports
> Commentary articles


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Articles and reports

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Commentary articles

'Ny murring i Svalbardsonen' ('New Grumblings in the Svalbard Zone'), Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, 21.03.2014. In Norwegian.

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FNI to Play Key Role in New Research Centre on Ocean Law (12.04.2013)

FNI Research Professor Chairs ILA International Committee on Sea-level Rise (30.11.2012)

New Book: Disaggregating International Regimes (10.10.2012)

Making Fishery Agreements Work (17.02.2012)

Geir Hønneland utpekt til å lede HAV21-arbeidsgruppe om havforvaltning ('Geir Hønneland Appointed Leader of Working Group on Marine Management') In Norwegian. (15.02.2012)

Arktiske utfordringer ('Arctic Challenges') In Norwegian. (04.01.2012)

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'Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic', Bloomberg, 04.04.2014.

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'Debate on Arctic shipping heats up', BarentsObserver, 20.01.2014.

'Russerne skjærer tenner og snakker om forræderi' ('Russians Speak about Treason'), Nordlys, 08.01.2013. In Norwegian.

'- Vi tar ikke russerne nok på alvor' ('We Don't Take the Russians Seriously Enough'), Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, 06.01.2014. In Norwegian.

'Kald krig i Arktis' (Review of the book "Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?"), Dagsavisen/Nye Meninger, 03.01.2014. In Norwegian.

'Torsken stikker til Russland' ('The Cod Runs off to Russia'),, 23.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'Torskekvoter med anekdoter' ('Review of the book "Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?"'), Aftenposten, 18.12.2013. In Norwegian.

'Grand claims of the Arctic kind', The Arctic Journal, 05.12.2013.

'Fedynskyhøyden: Her kan Norge måtte dele gassen med Russland' ('The Fedynsky High: This Is Where Norway May Have to Share Gas with Russia'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 13.11.2013. In Norwegian.

'K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea established in Tromsø, Norway', K.G. Jebsen Foundation News Release, 19.09.2013.

'Noreg er ein viktig premissleverandør for EUs arktiske politikk' ('Norway is an Important Premise Provider for EU Arctic Policies'). University of Tromsø News, 19.09.2013. In Norwegian.

'Researchers have great power in continental shelf battle', ScienceNordic, 23.08.2013.

'Granitsa v Barentsevom more: zhazhda nefti ni pri chyom' ('The Barents Sea Border Has Nothing to Do with Oil Thirst'), Neft' Rossii, 13.08.2013. In Russian.

'Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty', BarentsObserver, 12.08.2013.

'Forskere har mye makt i sokkelkamp' ('Researchers Have Much Power in Continental Shelf Struggle'),, 04.08.2013. In Norwegian.

- Maktkamp i Arktis kan ryste grunnen under sokkelregimet ('Arctic Power Struggle May Shake the Foundations of the Continental Shelf Regime'), University of Oslo News, 03.07.2013. In Norwegian.

'Arctic Holds Boatloads of Shipping Potential',, 20.06.2013.

'Haster å få på plass rammene for skipsfart i Arktis' ('Urgent to Get in Place the Framework for Arctic Shipping'), Norwegian Maritime Authority, 23.04.2013. In Norwegian.

'Establishes Law of the Sea center in Tromsø', Barents Observer, 12.04.2013.

'Bygger verdens største atomisbryter' ('Russia is buliding the world's largest nuclear icebreaker'), Teknisk Ukeblad, 05.12.2012. In Norwegian.

'Trafikken langs nordlig sjørute og norskekysten' ('Increased traffic on the Northern Sea Route and along the Norwegian coast'), NRK1 Morgennytt, 04.12.2012. In Norwegian

'Davor Vidas predsjeda novim odborom International Law Association' ('Davor Vidas Chairs a New International Committee of the International Law Association'),, 26.11.2012. In Croatian.

'A Good Peace—The Fruit of Justice and Truth', Catholic Press Agency, 12.10.2012.

'FCI team visits Murmansk and Kirkenes', FCI News, 02.10.2012.

'FN kan innkreve historisk oljeskatt' 'The UN May Collect Historic Oil Tax'), Dagens Næringsliv, 12.07.2012. In Norwegian.

'Medlemmer i faggruppe om skipsfart utnevnt' ('Members Appointed to Working Group on Shipping'), Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs news release, 27.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Aresty rossiyskikh sudov u Shpitsbergena na ruku pogranichnikam' ('Arrests of Russian vessels around Svalbard at the hands of the Border Guard'), B-port, 24.02.2012. In Russian.

'Forskere fra USA vil kjøpe norske hvalkvoter for å sette hvalen fri' ('US Researchers Want to Buy Norwegian Whale Quotas to Set the Whale Free'), NRK, 24.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Skrev 825 sider om norsk-russisk samarbeid' ('Wrote 825 Pages on Norwegian-Russian Cooperation'), NRK, 15.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Russerne leter etter olje ved Svalbard' ('Russians Exploring for Oil around Svalbard'), NRK, 07.02.2012. In Norwegian.

'Arctic ice melt lifts hopes for Russian maritime trade', Reuters, 27.01.2012.

'Quota system for preventing whaling', ScienceNordic, 17.01.2012.

'Foreslår kvotesystem for hvalfangst' ('Quota System Proposed for Whaling'),, 16.01.2012. In Norwegian.

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