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Arctic and Russian Politics

Polar regionsResearch on international law and political cooperation in the Arctic, and research on politics and resource management in the Russian North, have deep roots at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute.

Norwegian policies and Norwegian-Russian relations in the High North are a major focus of current FNI research, with emphasis on environment, energy, fisheries, marine transport, health, security and jurisdictional issues.

FNI research on Russia also includes studies of federal Russian policies, especially on environment, energy and fisheries, as well as developments in other parts of Russia and other post-Soviet states.

In addition to this, FNI continues to follow Arctic-related processes and cooperation both at circumpolar and regional levels. More recently, the Arctic interests of Asian nations have been an important study area.

Selected ongoing projects:
 The Individual and the State in Russia (INSTARUSS): Self-Images, Coping Strategies, Civil Society.
 Capacity to Govern Climate Mitigation in China and Russia.
 Federal Russian Politics: Modernizing Northern Economies (FEDRUP).
 Russian (des)information: Russia and Norway after Ukraine?
 Societal Security in Northern Waters.
 Russian Climate Policy: Domestic Dynamics and International Ramifications.
 Norwegian Polar Politics 1870-2014.
 The AsiArctic Programme.
 How to Understand Russian Foreign Policy in the High North: Perceptions, Rhetoric, Room for Manoeuvre.
 Post-Agreement Bargaining in the Barents Sea Fisheries: Strategies for Coping with Overfishing.
 Environmental Rights in Armenia.

Selected past projects:
 Russian and Caspian Energy Developments and Their Implications for Norway and Norwegian Actors (RUSSCASP) (2008-2013).
 Geopolitics in the High North: Climate Change, Energy Development, and Environmental Protection (2008-2013).
 The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (2009-2013).
 The Pechenga-Nikel Combine 1921-2012 (2004-2013).
 Strategic Resources and Security in the High North – Challenges for Norway (2007-2013).
 Borderland Russians: Identity, Narrative and International Relations (2009-2010).
 Climate Change and New Security Threats in the Arctic (2009-2010).
 International Collaboration in the Arctic (2003-2009).

Christopher Weidacher Hsiung (Research Fellow)
Geir Hønneland (Research Professor)
Leif Christian Jensen (Senior Research Fellow)
Øystein Jensen (Senior Research Fellow)
Anne-Kristin Jørgensen (Research Fellow)
Jørgen Holten Jørgensen (Research Fellow)
Anna Korppoo (Senior Research Fellow) (on leave)
Julia S. P. Loe (Doctoral Research Fellow)
Arild Moe (Senior Research Fellow)
Svein Vigeland Rottem (Senior Research Fellow) – contact person
Lars Rowe (Senior Research Fellow)
Pål Wilter Skedsmo (Research Fellow)
Olav Schram Stokke (Research Professor)

Selected FNI publications, Polar and Russian politics:

> Books
> Articles and reports
> Commentary articles


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Articles and reports

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'– Russland brukes som et påskudd for å gå lenger nord' ('– Russia is used as a pretext for going further north'), E24, 26.05.2015. In Norwegian.

'Den er 173 meter lang, kan brøyte seg gjennom tre meter tykk is og skal hjelpe Russland til å erobre Arktis' ('It is 173 m long, can break through ice 3 m thick, and is to help Russia conquer the Arctic'), Nord24, 11.05.2015. In Norwegian.

'Forsker: – Viktigere å protestere mot Russland enn å ta hensyn til lokale forhold i nord' ('Researcher: – More important to protest against Russia than to take into account local conditions in the north'), NRK Finnmark, 10.05.2015. In Norwegian.

'Gjenytelser i møtet med myndighetene' ('Return Favours when Encountering the Authorities in Russia'), NORRUSS Newsletter, 23.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Visestatsminister Rogozins besøk på Svalbard' ('Visit of Russian Deputy Prime Ministyr Rogozin to Svalbard'), NRK Dagsnytt 18, 20.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Russlandekspert: – Rogozin har ikke gjort noe ulovlig ved å dra til Svalbard' ('Russia Expert: – Rogozin Has Done Nothing Illegal by Travelling to Svalbard'), TV2, 21.04.2015.

'Russland-ekspert: – Lite Norge kan gjøre' ('Russia Expert: - Little Norway Can Do'), NRK, 20.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Norvezhskie eksperty schitayut vizit Rogozina na Shpitsbergen soznatel'noi provokatsei ' ('Norwegian Experts View Rogozin's Visit to Svalbard as a Provocation'), RBC, 20.04.2015. In Russian.

'Rogozin: «Arktis er det russiske Mekka»' ('Rogozin: - The Arctic Is Russia's Mecca'), Aftenposten, 20.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Russlands ambassadør om besøket på Svalbard: – Norsk overreaksjon' ('Russia's Ambassador to Norway about the Visit to Svalbard: - Norway Is Overreacting'), VG, 20.04.2015.

'– Helt klart et spark mot Norge' (– Clearly a Jab at Norway'), NRK, 19.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'Uønsket gjest dukket opp: - ”Ædda bædda” fra Rogozin' ('Unwanted Guest Popped up on Svalbard: - Rogozin Poking Nose at Norway'), Svalbardposten, 19.04.2015. In Norwegian.

'- Nordområdesamarbeidet kan brukes til å skape dialog' ('- Cooperation in the High North Can Be Used to Create Dialogue'), NRK Nordnytt, 04.02.2015.

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'Verdens største gasselskap snuser på norsk sokkel' ('World's Largest Gas Company Interested in the Norwegian Continental Shelf'),, 30.10.2014. In Norwegian.

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'Russer inntar norsk sokkel' ('Russian Gains Foothold on the Norwegian Continental Shelf'), Dagsavisen, 23.10.2014. In Norwegian.

'- Barents-samarbeidet blir viktigere', ('- Barents Cooperation Becomes More Important'), Dagens Næringsliv, 11.09.2014. In Norwegian.

'- Sanksjoner innen olje og gass gir Europa et dilemma' ('-Oil and Gas Sanctions Pose a Dilemma for Europe'), E24, 08.09.2014. In Norwegian.

'Rom på Kola' ('Space on the Kola Peninsula'), Dagens Næringsliv/D2, 15.08.2014. In Norwegian.

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'Svovelutslippene vil fortsette' ('The Sulphur Emissions Will Continue'), NRK Nordnytt, 04.06.2014. In Norwegian.

'Island er blant de nybakte arktiske statene' ('Iceland Is Among the New Arctic States'), Nordlys, 03.06.2014. In Norwegian.

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'Hvordan skal Putin ta Barentshavet tilbake?' ('How should Putin claim the Barents Sea back?') (book review), Norges Forsvar, 22.04.2014. In Norwegian.

'Arktis: Profitjagt sikrer fred men truer befolkning med katastrofe' ('The Arctic: Profit Quest Secures Peace but Threatens Population with Catastrophe'), Ræson, 14.04.2014. In Danish.

'Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic', Bloomberg, 04.04.2014.

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'Ekspert mener verdens største gassfelt til havs kan bli liggende urørt' ('Expert Thinks World's Largest Offshore Gas Field May Be Left Untouched'), E24, 05.02.2014. In Norwegian.

'Ikke bare norsk fisk russerene sier "njet" til' ('The Russians Are Not Only Saying "No" to Norwegian Fish'), Hegnar Online, 04.02.2014. In Norwegian.

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'Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty', BarentsObserver, 12.08.2013.

- Maktkamp i Arktis kan ryste grunnen under sokkelregimet ('Arctic Power Struggle May Shake the Foundations of the Continental Shelf Regime'), University of Oslo News, 03.07.2013. In Norwegian.

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'Àolafu·Shilamu·Situokè: Beijí anquán zhìli yu quánqiú hézuò' ('Olav Schram Stokke: Arctic security governance and global cooperation'),, 13.03.2013. In Chinese.

'Statoil i Wintershall obsuzhdayut vozmozhnost' bureniya skvazhin v rayone morskoy granitsy mezhdu Norvegiey i Rossiey' ('Statoil and Wintershall are discussing the possibility of drilling in the border region between Norway and Russia'), Rusenergy, 21.02.2013. In Russian.

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