This project has a twofold purpose: First, to give an outline of the bilateral Russian-Norwegian management regime for the fish resources in the Barents Sea, and second, to describe how the fisheries sector is organized at the national level in Russia and Norway respectively.

The part focusing on the bilateral regime provides a chronological description of developments in the joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission, as well as two adjacent co-operative mechanisms: the co-operation between Russian and Norwegian fisheries researchers and the co-operation between Russian and Norwegian interest organizations in the fisheries sector.

The part of the project that focuses on the national level gives a detailed description of the fisheries management systems in the two countries, as well as of the fishing industry itself. The main challenges facing the sector today is discussed, with particular focus on recent proposals of new legislation that might lead to significant changes in the current framework conditions for the fishing industry.

Finally, the project discusses how various external factors, including climate change and the deteriorating east-west relations, may affect the bilateral co-operative arrangement.

Project period: 2015



  • Norwegian Fishermen's Association