Having signed the Paris Agreement in September 2019, the Russian government must take action to develop new strategies for coal and other fossil fuels. However, the government must also ensure a just transition, considering the country’s fossil fuel-producing regions and the wide-reaching consequences of changes to coal production and export.

This Project, commissioned by Climate Strategies and led by FNI, improves understanding of energy transitions in Russia. In its current phase, it will:

  • Look at regional economic diversification in Russia’s main coal region, Kuzbass
  • Assess the future of coal in the power and heat sector
  • Analyse how to soften the social costs of coal transitions in Russia
  • Explore the prospects for oil and gas transitions in Russia.

More information about the project is available on Climate Strategies' project page.

Project period: 2022



  • Prof Anna Korppoo, Fridtjof Nansen Institute (project leader)
  • Prof Arild Moe, Fridtjof Nansen Institute
  • Dr George Safonov, HSE University, Moscow
  • Dr Tatiana Lanshina, RANEPA, Moscow
  • Dr Oleg Tailakov, Vostochniy Research Institute for Mining Safety, Kemerovo
  • Dr Anton Orlov, CICERO
  • Prof Nikita Lomagin, European University at St Petersburg
  • Maxim Titov, European University at St Petersburg
  • Olga Gassan-zade, Carbon Limits
  • Climate Strategies