POLGOV systematically assesses how and why science, NGO’s and business actors' knowledge claims have gained purchase (or failed to do so) in the Arctic.

The project, which is managed by NUPI and carried out in collaboration with FNI, represents an important contribution to the study of Arctic governance. While states role and influence in the Arctic are increasingly well understood, the role of science and business has been overlooked – despite the high visibility of these actors in the High North.

An important focus of the project is the Arctic Council and its role in biodiversity and oil spill prevention/response. Positioned at the core of contemporary Arctic governance, it offers the main forum for regional cooperation, as well as an inclusive venue for non-state actors.

To further assess the interaction between science, NGO’s business and policy in the Arctic, the POLGOV project introduces a new dimension to the analysis: the Antarctic. As the business–science–government nexus is represented in both areas, so are many of the same actors and challenges. Much can be learned by comparing and contrasting the two Poles.

More project information and publications can be found on NUPI's POLGOV project webpage.

Project period: 2016-2019



  • Research Council of Norway / POLARPROG Programme