POLGOV systematically assesses how and why science and business actors' knowledge claims have gained purchase (or failed to do so) in the biodiversity and oil spill prevention/response policy fields.

To systematically assess these policy fields, we apply a toolkit of network analysis, qualitative process tracing and classification methods.

POLGOV's work also acknowledges that formal regulation at the circumpolar level will not expand indefinitely. There will likely remain enduring 'governance gaps' due to a lack of regulation or failure to implement existing international agreements and national regulation.

Noting that concerns for reputation and positive recognition have facilitated 'races to the top' in reaching high standards in several other sectors, POLGOV's ranking exercise - 'the Arctic Corporate Responsibility Index' (ACRI)- takes up the challenge forwarded in the POLARPROG call to produce new tools for Arctic regulation. The innovative cooperation between business and expert actors needed to produce the ACRI also provides us with one further opportunity to reflect on and analyze the potential role of non-state actors in Arctic environmental governance.

Project period: 2016-2019



  • Research Council of Norway / POLARPROG Programme