My main research interest is climate and energy policy and the ongoing energy transition. I am particularly interested in the electricity sector and its role within decarbonization in terms of expansion and integration of renewables and sector coupling. An important focus is in my work is on the interaction between technological change and policy, i.e. how ongoing technology development affects the policy preferences and strategies of policy actors – and how policy instruments and market design enable the transition further.

I employ various theoretical perspectives, including sustainability transitions theories, policy process theories and broader sociological action theories. Empirically, I have worked with Norwegian, Nordic, German, European energy and climate policy. I have also first-hand experience from the international climate change negotiation and the IPCC process.


Academic background

  • Master’s degree in Sociology,
  • PhD thesis in Innovation Studies (2020)


Professional experience

  • PhD Candidate and Doctoral Researcher in Innovation Studies, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo (03.2016-05.2020)
  • Senior Climate Policy Analyst, Climate Analytics Gmbh (10.2013-12.2015)
  • Policy Advisor, ZERO - ZERO Emission Resource Organization (09.2010-06.2013)
  • Policy Officer, Federal German Ministry for the Environment (06.2009-06.2010)
  • Research Assistant, CICERO Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo (11.2007-04.2009)
  • Research Assistant, Freie Universität Berlin (09.2006-07.2007)




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