Diskurser i norsk atompolitikk: Kolahalvøya i et diskursanalytisk perspektiv ('A Discourse Analytical Perspective on the Kola Peninsula Radioactive Pollution: Catastrophe or Not?')

FNI Report 1/2006. Lysaker, FNI, 2006, 62 p. In Norwegian.

The main scope of this report is examining the textual features with which discourses are produced, reproduced and maintained – in this case within the field of Norwegian nuclear politics.  
Through the analysis of central texts from the non-governmental organisation Bellona, as well as the government agency Statens strålevern and Norwegian political authorities, different discourses appear: On one hand a moderate, reassuring discourse, on the other a discourse of crisis and urgency. The analysis shows the latter to be the more obvious and ‘powerful’ discourse in Norwegian nuclear politics. The closing chapter contains a discussion of consequences of discursive domination, be these democratic or political consequences, and concludes that the possible relationship between language and politics deserves attention and further investigation.