Europeanizing Armenia. Assemblages of environmental rights and development in Post-Soviet Armenia

Doctoral dissertation, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo, 2017, 266 p.

This PhD thesis has the Republic of Armenia in the South Caucasus as its main point of departure, and asks two key questions: Why do Armenian activists claim adherence to an idea of Europe?; and why is it important for the Norwegian government to get involved in Armenia through development projects, a country with which Norway has limited bilateral relations? This is analyzes in terms of how environmentalism and development in Armenia are embedded practices that crisscross local, regional and global arenas. The dissertation makes use of post-colonial scholarship’s development critique as well as post-socialist analyses of ‘transition’, thereby contributing to a unified post-Cold War ethnography. Armenia is espe¬cially well-suited for this undertaking being a major development aid recipient per capita, as well as a post-Soviet state.


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