From Development Aid to Foreign Policy: Global Immunization Efforts as a Turning Point for Norwegian Engagement in Global Health

Forum for Development Studies, Vol 37, No 3, 2010, pp. 301-325

With globalization global health issues have become part of the foreign policy agenda in a number of countries, including Norway. This article gives an overview of this emerging process in Norway. The article combines a foreign policy lens with a focus on global national interfaces to analyze the interaction between domestic Norwegian institutions and individuals at the global arena. However most focus is on the interaction between various domestic institutions. The article suggests that the transition from being a subject of development aid to becoming a part of the foregn policy agenda started at the turn of the miilenium with the creation of GAVI and the leadership of Ms Brundtland in the WHO. A growing number of domestic actors are now working in this field characterized by increasing complexity. The article also seeks to draw some more general lessons on the need for novel approaches in studying domestic-international interactions.



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