Grønne sertifikater: Et norsk perspektiv på saken om et pliktig elsertifikatmarked mellom Sverige og Norge ('Green Certificates: A Norwegian Perspective Regarding a Proposed Common Mandatory Electricity Certificate Market Between Norway and Sweden')

FNI Report 4/2009. Lysaker, FNI, 2009, 90 p. In Norwegian.

This paper presents a study in a Norwegian perspective of the political proposal for a common mandatory electricity certificate market between Norway and Sweden. The proposal was withdrawn in February 2006. The study examines whether Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's second government assessed green certificates as the cause of an unpopular hike in electricity prices, a hypothesis that found some support in this work. Next, it examines the role of the government bureaucracy. A hypothesis is set forth that the government decision followed from standard operational procedures in the bureaucracy. Importantly, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the most significant bureaucratic agents in our case, made their recommendations based on economic principles, which had become a standard operating procedure for them in Norwegian energy and environmental policies.