Hrvatsko-slovensko razgranicenje ('Croatian-Slovenian Delimitation')

Zagreb, Skolska knjiga, 2009, 75 p. In Croatian.

This book consists of 14 essays explaining the international law substance, procedural legal aspects as well as international and domestic policy contexts of the Croatian-Slovenian maritime delimitation dispute, which has been an open, and increasingly acute matter in the relations between the two countries for the past 18 years. A review of the selected issues that have emerged, especially in the period since 2003, has been undertaken, including the proclamations of zones of sovereign rights and jurisdictions of the two countries, general agreements and obstacles to their implementation, and implications of EU documents and EU-related regional policy developments for the delimitation dispute. Special focus of the analysis has been paid to the Slovenian-claimed "right to direct territorial exit to the high seas" in the light of both international law as contained in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and in respect of practical regulations for international navigation adopted, such as by the International Maritime Organisation.


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