Hva Norge kan være i verden ('What Norway Can Be in the World')

Oslo, Cappelen Damm, 2013, 192 p. In Norwegian.

The book sets out to discuss Norwegian foreign policy in the light of globalization and geopolitical change. A main premise is that foreign policy is far more important to an open and often vulnerable economy than is generally perceived. More and more aspect of domestic policy is influenced by globalization and other countries’ policies and actions, and domestic Norwegian policy is also impacting significantly on policies towards other countries. The book then goes on to discuss the significant power shifts happening today and in the coming years, not least with Asia rise and the relative (but stubborn) decline of the US. Moving closer to the Norwegian foreign policy arena, the authors debunk a range of myths about Norway’s foreign policy, and then aims to convey where Norway’s comparative strengths as a foreign policy player lie. In the final part of the book, ten recommendations for the next Norwegian government are put forward (the book was published right before Norwegian Parliamentary elections in 2013).