International Relations in the Arctic: Norway and the Struggle for Power in the New North

London, I.B. Tauris, 2016, 288 p.

LCJ-Arctic-IR-book-80In 2005, the Arctic rose to the top of Norway’s foreign policy agenda and became the most important strategic area for the foreseeable future. In exploring this political process, the book analyzes the framing of four of the weightiest foreign policy issues: security; Russia; the environment; and natural resources. It shows how dominating discourses enable/disable action, limit what is considered politically feasible and relevant for governments in a changing Arctic. The book also shows how a socially oriented discourse analysis can be relevant to analyses of actual political issues, something that has been lacking in the literature. In additions and based on the data, theoretical and methodological propositions in discourse analysis of use in the analysis of other empirical contexts are put forward. Hopefully this book will therefore also appeal to students of international relations with an interest in discourse analysis as an analytical tool, as well as people who have an interest in international politics in the Arctic more specifically.