Jadransko more ('The Adriatic Sea')

Republika, Vol 65, No 5, 2009, pp. 67-80. In Croatian

Croatia's Adriatic Sea coastline stretches over 6000 kilometres, including over 1200 islands, islets and reefs, comprising 75 per cent of length of all Adriatic Sea coastlines shared by six costal states. This makes Croatia a small country yet with a long and importantly situated coastline. There is a rising awareness and importance given to Croatia’s maritime dimension, with implications for geopolitical, historic, economic, cultural, and other aspects. On the other hand, there are today numerous challenges for marine environmental protection and sustainable use of the Adriatic marine resources. An overal assessment of Croatia's position on the Adriatic Sea is introductory presented. Thereafter, a special focus is laid on some aspects of new developments, as related to delimitation disputes in the Adriatic Sea, in particular the most imminent one, i.e., the maritime delimitation dispute between Slovenia and Croatia. The question that persists on the overall Adraitic plane is how to secure sound marine environment protection and resource management measures, along with the likely continuation of the existing, and the emergence of new delimitation disputes.



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