Lessons from the health-related Millenium Development Goals

In N. Kanie and F. Biermann (eds), Governing through Goals: The Sustainable Development Goals and Governance Innovation. MIT Press, 2017, pp. 165-187.

The lessons from the health realted MDGs for the SDGs is the focus of this chapter. We start out by giving a general account of all the MDG goals. There are strong variations in their goal achievement. We emphasize that attention need to be paid to the question of cauaslity when judging the goals. That is, seemingh high goal achievement may be caused by other factors than the MDGs. Turning to health, we focus particulalrly on the goal to reduce child mortality where a lot has been achieved. This is at least to some extent causally linked to leadership exerted by the GAVI Foundation as well as Norway. Turning brieflyt to the SDGs we note that Norway has severe challenegs in fulkfilling some of these goals.



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