New developments in Biotechnology and IPR in Aquaculture - Are they sustainable?

In Z.A. Muchlisin (ed), Aquaculture . Rijeka, InTech, 2012, pp. 317-342.

The objective of this chapter is to give an overview and analysis of the current trends and developments in biotechnology in aquaculture research and management. The technological developments along with structural changes in the aquaculture sector may affect access and intellectual property rights (IPR) regimes. These issues are discussed in a wide perspective involving both short and long-term biological effects, ethical and other social aspects (economic, legal and political issues), including their partly inherent contradictions needing compromising for sustainable development. The chapter focus on current biological challenges within aquaculture as a growing food production sector, with less emphasis on external effects such as environmental effects. Cases from farmed salmon and cod in Norway in addition to shrimp and tilapia in Asia are highlighted.



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