Nord-Norge som ressursprovins. Storpolitik, risiko og virkelighetskamp ('Northern Norway as a Resource Province. High Politics, Risks and Battles over Reality')

In Svein Jentoft, Jens-Ivar Nergård, Kjell Arne Røvik (eds), Hvor Går Nord-Norge? Politiske Tidslinjer. Stamsund, Orkana Akademisk, 2013, pp. 67-81. In Norwegian.

In this chapter we discuss how environmental issues are negotiated when Northern Norway, by way of the increased focus on the High North and oil and gas in particular, takes on the features of a political project. Specifically, the chapter identifies certain key trends involving the three decisive forces behind Norway’s policy on the High North: Russia, the climate and oil and gas resources. To round off the chapter we look at the impact of this ambitious national policy at the local level, where the High North will be populated and find its form.