Norsk genressursrett ('Norwegian Gene Resource Law')

Oslo, Cappelen Akademiske Forlag, 2010, 380 p. In Norwegian.

"Norsk genressursrett" ("Norwegian Gene Resource Law") is the first monograph on law regulating rights to and use of genetic resources in Norway. Genetic resources is an area with large possibilities for development of new products of high value. This research draws upon various areas of law related to biology, such as rights (private property rights, commons and intellectual property rights), public administrative law, international law, international trade law, EU law, environmental law and constitutional law. It deals with questions relevant for biology and biotechnology. This area of law is marked by rapid and ongoing changes in the legal situation. The large economic potential of the field underscores the importance of law regulating rights to these resources. This volume forms a first step in a series dealing with similar legal issues globally and in other national jurisdictions.