The Hiroshima Agricultural Gene Bank: Re-introducing Local Varieties, Maintaining Traditional Knowledge

In Andersen, Regine and Tone Winge (eds), Realising Farmers' Rights to Crop Genetic Resources: Success Stories and Best Practices. Abingdon (UK), Routledge, 2013, pp. 167-178.

This chapter discusses how a gene bank in Hiroshima is contributing to the realization of Farmers’ Rights through its efforts related to the maintenance and re-introduction of traditional varieties. The activities of the gene bank, such as a farm-to-farm search campaign and a project on treasure vegetables, has enabled farmers to continue or take up seed saving practices and breeding, and through the gene-bank initiatives both crop genetic diversity and the related traditional knowledge are being maintained and utilized. The chaper also discusses the challenges faced by the gene bank and the farmers, and offers lessons for other countries.