Here at Polhøgda, we have made the best of a bad year. With few people around, we have welcomed all kinds of specialists and have had them beavering away on our lighting, our plumbing, our stucco, our floors, our walls, our carpets, our staircases, our museum, our photo galleries and even our door handles.

The house is more ready than ever to welcome back staff, students and friends this autumn, and we have high hopes that the powers that be will let us. Professionally, we are also in good shape, with reports, articles and book poring out in standard fashion and more.

Speaking for myself, however, I must say that the absence of communal and professional life has taken its toll. This year more than ever we have been reminded how the pursuit and production of labour is a global one. Small wonder that I, and I presume many a colleague, has developed  a cabin fever of national proportions that we look forward to kick the next academic year.

So, here’s hoping to see you over the holidays, take great care and enjoy your unusually well deserved rest,

Iver Neumann