At least, that’s the conclusion drawn by FNI senior researcher Steinar Andresen , an expert on U.S. climate policy, in an analysis in the Norwegian daily Klassekampen. There are three main reasons why Trump’s effect on the climate might not be as catastrophic as many fear, says Andresen.

First, the president is not almighty in U.S. climate policies – far from it. Trump will have to struggle against strong advocacy groups and other political forces, just like any other president, profiting climate progress despite Trump’s misgivings. Second, although Trump wants to quit the Paris agreement, an exit process might be delayed, or even neutralized, says Andresen. And last, but not least, there are sound economic reasons why Trump’s coal revitalization plan will never take off either.

So even if the future looks grim, the spike in fears caused by Trump’s election are perhaps still somewhat premature? You can read Andresen’s analysis in today’s Klassekampen (the print version, in Norwegian).