‘I think I’ve never seen a higher figure than this anywhere, at any time’, notes Claes Lykke Ragner,  Head of the FNI Administration.  ‘This is most likely not only a Norwegian record, but a world record’, adds this usually cautious, unruffled  administrator.

In 2020, FNI researchers achieved altogether 89.9 publication points. As the institute reported 22.9 research man-years in 2020, that yields an impressive average of 3.93 points per researcher. 

Spoils the fun for the others

FNI director Iver B. Neumann is very pleased with his enterprising staff: ‘These figures are spectacular. I think it will be very hard for any other research institution to match this result.’ 
Tongue firmly in cheek, he adds: ‘Norway sometimes wins so many gold medals in cross-country skiing that we worry about spoiling the sport for everybody else. Given this rise from an already top position, I’m a bit worried that we may spoil the fun for everybody else, too”. 

Ragner makes a small reservation: 
‘There is a theoretical chance that some other institute may have even higher figures. But I doubt it’. 

Last year, the final report was published in June.