There is an emerging reserach agenda to analyze empirically the forces driving change in global health governance. Building on our previous studies of the establishment of GAVI, the study applies analytical tools from international relations reserach to explain the establishment of CEPI.

The dependent variable - the phenomenon to be explained - is the formation of CEPI. Two explanatory perspectives - the independent variables - are utilized, individual leadership and the interests of states and non-state actors including industry and civil socierty organizations in the formation process.

Based on experience from the establishment of international regimes and organizations we have learned that such processes are usually very time-consuming. Aganinst this background, how can we explain that CEPI was established just over a year after the process was initiated? Our initial assumption is that leadership of various kinds is one reason for the quick formation process. The provison of substantial financial resources by key actors have probably also made a positive difference in this regard.

Project period: 2017-2018


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