ArcBlue: Enhanced Blue Economy Collaboration across Alaska, Greenland and North Norway

ArcBlue Report. Bodø, High North Center for Business and Governance, April 2024, 41 p.

Despite regional disparities, Alaska, Greenland, and North Norway are three Arctic coastal regions that share common challenges and opportunities in harnessing marine resources sustainably. This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the blue economy - in fisheries and aqua-/mariculture - initiatives within these regions, focusing on economic diversification, environmental conservation, social inclusion, and governance frameworks. The report explores efforts to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, alongside placing emphasis on the better utilization of traditional industries. It evaluates strategies for balancing economic development with conservation imperatives, including climate change mitigation and sustainable resource management. Paramount considerations encompass community engagement, Indigenous rights, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Lastly, governance structures are critically examined, highlighting evolving frameworks that accommodate local, national, and international interests. By addressing the current lack of systematized comparative studies, this report offers valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders to foster transregional exchanges and enhance cooperation in blue economy development across Arctic coastal regions



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