Evaluering av miljøvernsamarbeidet mellom Norge og Russland ('Evaluation of Norwegian-Russian Environmental Collaboration 1995-2006')

FNI Report 7/2007. Lysaker, FNI, 2007. 47 p, In Norwegian.

In this report, we present the findings of our evaluation of the NorwegianRussian collaboration on environmental issues from 1995 to 2006. The central body of this collaboration is the Norwegian-Russian Environmental Commission, established in 1988 (then as the Norwegian-Soviet Environmental Commission) and renewed in 1992. The Commission has developed a number of working areas, of which three have been studied specifically: (i) the cleaner production programme; (ii) the transboundary environmental collaboration; and (iii) the collaboration on cultural heritage. In addition, this evaluation concentrates on two project areas directly under the auspices of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (i) the energy saving programme in NorthwestRussia; and (ii) the bioenergy programme in Russia. Our main empirical source has been a number of in-depth interviews with participants on both sides. Additional information has been drawn from written material such as minutes, project reports, propositions to the Norwegian parliament, etc. After an examination of the overarching level of the collaboration and the individual project areas mentioned above, the report briefly discusses potential future developments in the Norwegian-Russian environmental collaboration.