Governing Arctic Shipping: Institutional Niches and Regional Regimes

In Svein Vigeland Rottem and Ida Folkestad Soltvedt (eds), Arctic Governance: Energy, Living Marine Resources and Shipping. Volume 2. London, I.B. Tauris, 2018, pp. 228-252.

This chapter examines how regional institutions can help to make Arctic marine transport less dangerous for seafarers, vessels, and the natural environment. A particular focus in this chapter is the interplay among global regimes (i.e. IMO) and regional institutions (e.g. the Arctic Council). The chapter elaborates on the concept of governance niches, then pinpoints certain conditions proven conducive for exercising the tasks associated with such niches in a way that maximizes contributions to overall problem solving. On this basis, the chapter examines whether distinctive features of the regional institutions set up by Arctic states over the past two decades equip them particularly well for bringing about those conducive conditions, within the larger complex of institutions governing marine transport.



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