International Initiatives to Address Tropical Timber Logging and Trade

FNI report 4/2006. Lysaker, FNI, 2006, 67 p.

This report examines a broad range of international initiatives to address tropical timber logging and trade. The report first looks at international and regional initiatives to control illegal logging, with a particular focus on the Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) processes in East Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Europe and North Asia. Second, the report reviews the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) action plan, which includes voluntary partnership agreements between producer countries and the EU on timber licensing; the adoption by member states of procurement policies stipulating the purchase of timber from legal sources; promoting private sector initiatives, including codes of conduct; and the exercise of due diligence by export credit agencies and financial institutions when funding logging projects. Third, the report examines various forest certification schemes and international discussions about forest certification in some detail, because several governments have identified certification as a way of verifying that public procurement requirements for legal and sustainable timber are met. Finally, the report discusses how Norway could follow-up the FLEGT action plan and other initiatives to address illegal and irresponsible logging. This section includes a review of public procurement policies in the three countries with the most advanced public procurement requirements on timber legality and sustainability in Europe, namely the UK, Denmark, and the Netherlands.



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