Maritime Private Security: Market Responses to Piracy, Terrorism and Waterborne Security Risks in the 21st Century

Routledge, 2012, 272 p.

This book examines the evolution, function, problems and prospects of private security companies in the maritime sector.

The private security industry continues to evolve after its renaissance over the past few decades, first in Africa, and later in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite this, little academic work has been done to date on the role of private security in the maritime environment. This lacuna has become more pronounced as the threat of piracy, terrorism, and other acts of maritime political violence have caused littoral states and commercial entities alike to consider the use of private security to mitigate risks.

Maritime Private Security is an edited volume specifically dedicated to combating the absence of academic research in this area. The discussion of this multi-faceted subject is organised into four key parts:

Part I: The Historical and Contemporary Market in Maritime Private Security Services

Part II: The Emergence of Private Anti-Piracy Escorts in the Commercial Sector

Part III: The Privatization of Coast Guard Services

Part IV: Private Security Responses to Maritime Terrorism

This book will be of much interest to students of naval policy and maritime security, private security companies, piracy and terrorism, international law and IR in general.



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