MSC Sustainable Fisheries Certification: FIUN Barents & Norwegian Seas Cod and Haddock Fishery

Inverness, Food Certification International, 2013, 274 p.

The report provides details of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) assessment process for the Fishing Industry Union of the North (FIUN, Murmansk) cod and haddock fishdry. On the completion of the assessment and scoring process, involving extensive stakeholder consultation, the assessment team concluded that the FIUN be certified according to the Marine Stewardship Council Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fisheries. There are a number of areas which reflect positively on the fishery at the time of certification: The status of the stock for both cod and haddock is excellent. The Norwegian-Russian management regime is well established and robust. There is good scientific foundation for management decisions. IUU fishing has been halted and compliance is generally high.



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