Nature based Solutions for Biodiversity, Climate and People

FNI Report 3/2022. Lysaker, FNI, 2022, 11 p. 

Nature-based solutions (NbS) require a decisive change in people's relationship with nature and decisive action across sectors and governing bodies to release their full potential. This report discusses the need to implement nature-based solutions to combat biodiversity loss as well as climate change and to fulfill the UN's development goals, and on what the relevant global governing bodies are undertaking to promote these solutions. Nature-based solutions fit well with the approach to holistic management of ecosystems as established by the UN's Convention on Biodiversity from 1992. In recent years, it is increasingly recognized that this approach is also necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement's goal of keeping the global temperature as a result of global warming below 2 degrees. NbS are necessary to improve people's living conditions because the impoverishment of nature leads to soil depletion, drought, floods, food insecurity, infectious diseases, and refugee flows, among other things. NbS have been given the blue stamp by the global scientific bodies for biodiversity and climate, IPBES and IPCC, and by the UN environmental assembly UNEA, but still not by the Biodiversity and Climate Convention. The concept also still lacks effective methods to measure its effect. Upcoming and highly profiled meetings of the conferences of the parties in the two conventions provide golden opportunities to give full political recognition to the concept.



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