Norges omstilling til et lavutslippssamfunn i lys av internasjonale handelsavtaler ('Norway’s transition to a low-emission society in light of international trade treaties')

FNI Report 7/2023. Lysaker, FNI, 2023, 23 p. (In Norwegian) 

This report is commissioned by the 2050 Climate Change Committee as a contribution to its Official Norwegian Report (NOU). It addresses Norway’s transition to a low-emission society by 2050 in light of Norway’s commitments under bilateral, regional and global trade treaties. It discusses whether and how the trade treaties can contribute to Norway’s transition, pointing out that only in recent years, these treaties have included sustainability chapters. Norway has not carried out impact assessments of treaty negotiations, and the report argues that such assessments could provide a significant contribution to transition policies. In particular, Norway should consider to include commitments to eliminate subsidies to fossil energy production. The report also considers whether and how trade rules are likely to negatively affect Norway’s transition efforts. It argues that the design of such rules in bilateral and regional treaties should reflect Norway’s transition efforts, and that impact assessments of trade negotiations can contribute significantly to this end. Finally, the report discusses briefly how the European Union affects Norway’s commitments under trade treaties.



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